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C'rush Chocolate Milk Mix

Ingredients:Cocoa, Sugar

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    Maida as a flour I always tried to avoid. I don’t know why I have that thought…….. but ‘No maida’ was really imprinted in my heart and mind. 

    As Maida is almost used in all junk food available in market we always tried to kept avoiding that. We tried Suhali, Jalebi, cookies all with different flours (No maida). Really we kept experimenting with wheat flour cake for years. 

    My son would like to have perfect texture & taste while its matter about food. He was foody Maida No maida  doesn’t makes much difference to him. But if its not perfect he won’t like it or infact he don’t eat that at all. 

    But as a mother I kept trying to evolve few food items. In this range Cakes are one over which we mastered over the period of time. Thank you all for giving us support and so much love.

    Cakeopedia is not business or brand its vision…. Lets join hands together to make us better tomorrow……… 

    C’rush Recipe

    Step –1 Mix Together 1 pack of C’rush in 1 litre milk completely 

    Step –2 Heat it over a gas stove at medium flame until it starts to boil. Make sure to stir continuously.

    Step – 3 Cool in a refrigerator for 3-4 hours or more or serve it hot. 

    *Can be used multiple times adjust to quantity accordingly.

    Nutrive Innovators, 104 Someshwar square, Vesu, Surat - 395007, Contact no – 8980677377

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