Nidhi Malani - founder of Cakeopedia. She started showing interest in baking at an early age of 7. She started this venture at the age of 13. She is passionate baker and student. Awarded at 30 under30 inspirational women within Surat city.

Nidhi Malani

Nidhi Ravi Malani started showing interest in baking at an early age of 7. She started this venture at the age of 13. She observed that parents usually avoid serving cakes to their kids saying it as Junk food despite being favourites amongst the kids. So this idea blinked up in her mind!


What Our Customers Say


How easy is it to bake a cake with CakeOPedia?

Using Cakeopedia’s Cake Mix, you can bake a cake whenever you want in only 3 simple steps with only 2 common ingredients. All you need is milk and oil/ghee butter.

Using our mix, you can also successfully bake a perfect cake without an oven.

CUT: Cut the packet and add the contents into a bowl

MIX: Mix in all the required wet ingredients to make a smooth, lump-free batter and pour this batter in a greased cake tin.

BAKE: Bake in a preheated oven at 180° for 35-40 minutes. For baking in a cooker, check the instruction on the pack.

Let it cool down and enjoy without any worries!

Are standard measurable cups required to bake CakeOPedia's cake?

If you do not have a measuring cup, you can simply measure out the mix in a bowl from your home and use that as a guide. 

Proportion of mix to milk is 1:0.5 which means if 1 cup of mix is added, 1/2 cup of milk will be added. The proportion will change for jaggery mixes. The proportion for jaggery will be 2:1.25

Proportion of mix to oil/ghee/butter will always be 1:0.25 which means for each cup of mix added, 1/4th cup of oil/ghee/butter will be added.

What is the Packaging Size ?

The packet size is 300 grams and after the baking process, the cake weighs half a kilo!

Do you use Refined Flour ?

No, we don’t use refined flour. We make the mixes using healthy ingredients such as whole wheat flour, ragi or finger millet flour, oats and jaggery!

Where do you Deliver ?

We deliver across India

Can I bake this mix without using OTG ?

Yes, the baking process of Gas Tandoor and Cooker is mentioned on the packet itself! 

What ingredients do you use?

Cakeopedia uses the finest of natural ingredients. All variants of our cake mixes are made in pure wheat flour which is full of minerals and fibre. Some of our mixes, like Ragi Chocolate and Oats and Nuts also have grains like ragi/finger millet and oats which have a lot of health benefits such as supplying of essential amino acids and vital vitamins. Cakeopedia Cake Mixes are also available in in jaggery options. Jaggery has numerous health benefits and is great for your children.