Steps for making a healthy cake using cake premix

"I am inclined to think that cakes prevail most freely in times that are perilous and when sources of sorrow abound." Anthony Trollope

These words by Anthony Trollope are so much of my thoughts in words. Now I am convinced that eating cake lightens most people’s mood. Your spirits soar high after eating a cake. Cakes are a blessing to us and homemade cakes are cherished more. There is so much of satisfaction in sharing slices of cakes made at home with your friends and family. It’s like injecting Vitamin H (Happiness) into everyone’s bloodstream.

But, traditional recipes of cakes use refined wheat flour (maida) which is harmful for our gut and body in a long run. Plus the process of baking is tedious, as we have to do a lot of accurate measuring and sifting the flour twice or thrice. No doubt, that the fruits of such tedious actions are very sweet (a wonderful homemade tasty cake) but not everyday is a Sunday. There might be times when our cakes do not turn out the way we want. Due to wrong measurements or flaws in technique; our cake of dreams might get hard, cracked, crumbly, overrise, flat. Oh! There is so much that can happen to our lovely adorable cake and then instead of lightening our mood it spoils our day. This is the point where cake premix come into play. Just add few ingredients and we are good to dig in to our homemade cake; without being much worried about how the cake will turnout.

People are jabbering so much about health and healthy products these days everywhere that you are forced to think healthy even if it is not in your being. We all feel that with few mild changes and compromises to taste and texture; if the final product turns out to be healthy for our body in the long run we are ready to take the chance. Maida has a lot of side effects on our body and mind in the long run. So either we limit our cake consumption or we ditch maida in our cakes. Altering and quoting Mr. Suniel Shetty: “Main cake khana chhod du ye ho nahi sakta aur Maida ke chalte body kharab ho jaaye ye main hone nahi dunga.” 😊 This is the point where whole wheat cakes come into picture.

Now we need to put the two virtues together: Cake premix and Whole wheat. We get a lot of Whole Wheat based cake premixes in the market these days. One of them is CAKEOPEDIA: healthy cake premixes. They have a lot of options in flavours like Vanilla cake premix, Chocolate cake premix, Oats cake premix, Red Velvet cake premix, Tiramisu cake premix. The premixes do not contain any maida or preservatives; plus they have a lot of variants in ragi as well. One can surely try out these premixes and get a good cake as a result.

Now, let’s run through the process of making a cake from a cake premix:

  1. Procure a packet of Cakeopedia whole wheat based cake premix (it may be any flavour as the process remains the same.). Avail Cakeopedia cake premixes on Amazon or Flipkart or Meesho or you can even order from their website
  2. Take a bowl and empty the contents of the Premix (You can use the quantity of cake premix as per your need and store the remaining premix for further use.)
  3. Add 1 cup of milk and half cup of oil/ ghee or butter, whatever you prefer. The oil should be odorless otherwise, your cake will have the flavour of the oil.
  4. Mix all the ingredients well and ensure that no lumps are formed. Do not overmix the batter. The batter is ready to bake.
  5. You can bake in a preheated oven or a cooker/ kadhai or even a steamer. Bake for the mentioned time and insert a toothpick to check if the cake is fully baked. If the toothpick comes out clean, your cake is ready. Let it cool down and then you can have it as it is or after doing icing on it.
Cake premixes ease our processes of baking and simplify our life…….
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