History of cakes

‘Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake.’

Cakes- Cakes mean different things to different people. On hearing the word ‘Cake’, a picture of the cake you enjoy the most comes to your mind. So definitely cakes mean different things to different people: a chocolate cake, a pineapple cake, an oats cake, a tea time cake, a mixed fruit cake or a butterscotch cake.

It seems like that we have been baking cakes since ages; but like any other thing the cakes we eat, have also gone through a lot of innovation and trials.

The ancient Egyptians were the first set of skilled bakers: a product resulting from the mixture of bread dough, egg, fat and honey. It was more of a bread basically considering the characteristics but it had the richness and sweetness of the cake. That is what mattered in those days, considering the era.

The light cakes we know today were more of a 18th or 19th century invention. Some contribution in changing the appearance and procedure for cake goes to the invention of sophisticated ovens as well (even baking was achieved due to maintenance of temperature while baking). Yeast used for raising the bread dough was replaced by eggs and then by Soda Bicarbonate. The process was much more easy and less time taking with raising agents than with yeast.

Can you imagine a piece of cake in your mouth? Oh! I can. The tender, light and melting-in-my-mouth texture of the cake is a result of the air bubbles created during the baking procedure. A process called Creaming is carried out; in which sugar and butter are mixed vigorously to incorporate the air into the same.

I can’t eat outside cake all the time. Midnight cake cravings can’t be fulfilled so they have to be forgotten. Cakes take a toll on my pocket and health. It was imperative for me to distance myself from cakes for my financial and physical well being.

I read a recipe on a free website with lot of good reviews and I tried my hands on cake -I failed. I bought a cookbook and tried cake; I failed. Expensive ingredients or instruments couldn’t save my baked cake.

Then I heard of Cakeopedia cake premixes. They are healthy as they do not have any maida or preservatives in them. They come in a huge variety of flavours to satiate cravings of all types. Tried a cake using their premix and it turned out just like a normal cake I longed to have. I couldn’t believe it was a healthy cake which was baked by me.

If you are a cake lover just like me, you should definitely give a try to Cakeopedia cake premixes and satisfy your cake cravings.
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