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Cakes, cakes and cakes! We all love cakes, don’t we? A bad day or a bad mood is sorted once a light, moist and tender cake is in sight. Let me say that a small piece of cake has the power to set everything in order. But eating cakes regularly comes with a guilt in lot of areas; First health – maida (All purpose flour) is the key ingredient and today’s health regimen certainly doesn’t allow having maida on a frequent basis and as we all know health is wealth, Second eating frosted cakes on a regular basis; this is also in a way related to the First aspect i.e. health. The buttercream frosting takes a toll on our health by increasing body weight, fat content and cholesterol and we feel heavy all the time and that feeling is not at all good. Last but certainly not the least – money; getting a cake from the bakery on a regular basis proves expensive to our pockets.

For solving the money part, we can try baking at home but then again comes with a lot of problems. Some of them are: Procuring all the ingredients, the baking powder and baking soda should be fit for use, sifting the dry ingredients, weighing all the ingredients properly as a slight change in measurement might shatter your dream of eating a good cake leaving you all the more frustrated than before. Maintaining high range of equipment for everything plus all the time gone in procuring, weighing, sifting takes a toll on our mood and we drop the plan of making the cake.

But every problem has a solution, and the key to hassle-free and healthy baking is using whole wheat or maida substitute premixes. CAKEOPEDIA is a brand manufacturing whole wheat-based eggless cake premixes. Their cake premixes are filled with the goodness of whole wheat flour, ragi (millet) and oats. Moreover, they have all their cake premixes with an option of replacing refined sugar with jaggery as well.

That is an extra advantage as we are able to push out the sugar from our cake without affecting the taste or sweetness of the cake.

You just have to add a cup of milk and half a cup of oil/ butter/ ghee for making the cake. Just THREE minutes of preparation time is all you need to get a homemade cake in your oven (OTG), microwave or gas. Yes you read it right, it is an answer to quick cake options plus you need not use an oven or microwave necessarily for baking the cake. Plus these cake premixes are completely vegan and you can make a vegan cake for yourself by adding a vegan oil at the time of preparation. Infact, the process is so easy that even kids can make it.

A healthy cake can now be made for quick bites or as a tea time snack as well and that too with minimal ingredients. Frosting is not necessary and you can even make cupcakes out of the same.

Jains have their pious Chaturmas in line. In the four months of Chaturmas, Jains take extra care into what they are having. They just have grains and pulses. Cakeopedia cake premixes are purely eggless and they can be easily used by Jains also during the entire year.

These healthy rich cake premixes are available in packets of 300 g which yields a cake of 500 g. But it is not necessary that you use the entire premix in one go. You can use the desired quantity in batches and store the remaining for future use.

You can easily obtain these cake premixes online as they are available on Amazon and you can also purchase from their website

Thanks Sufiya for the wonderful preparation and capture

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