Cakes Biding Farewell to Maida and it's good news for us..... Isn't It?

Love breads, chola bhaturas, samosas, cakes? Well then this blog is just for you. MAIDA, All Purpose Flour (APF) or refined wheat flour has occupied a prime and important place in our kitchen and was a key ingredient for making different delicacies. Maida is a go-to ingredient for preparing different recipes to the notch and even for the perfect taste, colour, texture and presentation. 

Cake made with ragi, jaggery sugar

So we all agree that Maida is a very important ingredient in our kitchen but,

Do you know how maida is manufactured? 

Maida is prepared from only the endosperm of the wheat grain (a part of the wheat grain which does not contain any nutrient and comprises only of carbohydrates and sugar). The maida resulting at this stage is yellow in colour and in order to give it a whiter colour it is BLEACHED either naturally using atmospheric oxygen or using flour bleaching agents  like azodicarbonamide, chlorine gas and benzoyl peroxide. Some other chemicals are also added to add gluten value to maida and make it more elastic. Well, the manufacturing process of maida does not seem much appealing and making it fit and healthy for us to consume maida.

There are other harmful effects of consuming maida. Let us make you aware of the same as well.

  • Consuming maida raises Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL), which is known as bad cholesterol in common parlance,
  • Makes you fat
  • Clogs your arteries
  • Increases your blood pressure
  • Disrupts blood sugar,
  • Keeps you hungry and makes you crave more for sweets,
  • Causes mood swings as well
Thus, it ruins your health, body and consequently, your life.

Food items made from maida are excessively and readily available everywhere. Therefore, it gets tougher to satisfy your cravings and be mindful at the same time. But we can at least limit our maida consumption by having food items made from maida infrequently or by using healthier alternatives in its place. 

Maida is a key ingredient of cake flour and therefore, it will be impossible to forget cakes. You don’t need to consume maida in cake also as we have got you covered. Cakeopedia brings to you a wide range of whole wheat premixes in various flavours like Vanilla, Chocolate, Oats, Tiramisu Walnut, Red Velvet, etc. You name the flavour and you will get the premix for that.

Moreover, we can provide you all the flavours of premixes made with jaggery sugar also. You can now dig into your favourite cake that too without much of an effort. Just Cut, Mix and Bake is the tagline they believe and follow. Add half cup of oil/ ghee/ butter and one cup of milk to the cake mix. With 3 minutes of preparation, your cake batter is ready to bake. Homemade cake, hasslefree baking, Healthy cakes, no maida cake we cross out all your concerns. You can buy our premixes through our website or even through Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho. 

Sugarfree cake mix - Chocolate cake mix powder Sugarfree cake premix powder       

Looking for healthy options for your kids tiffin or tea time snack, this is your to go cake premix. Add these premixes to your cart this Christmas season and become a baking queen/ baking king.

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