Cake mixes prove economical

Cakes? Did I hear the word? Every time I thought of the word cake, my pocket used to shudder a little as they might feel considerably light after I had satisfied my cake cravings or they might be turned inside out.  Just for information, my pocket likes to stay full just like my tummy. :p But gone are the fearful days, where my pocket used to tremble at the name of cakes. Buying cakes from bakeries or home bakers never proved that very economical to me or my pocket. Plus the guilt after having the maida loaded cake and the frosted cake haunted me every time I had a cake. But my cake cravings always won over my guilts. All my resolutions were followed religiously until my mind craved for cake again.

Then I started to outplay my mind by doing a smart trick. I took a resolution to eat my own baked cake and thus, I started baking on my own and honestly, the plan worked out really well in the beginning; owing to some of the incidents in the first few times (I will discuss them later) . I am not a baker, leave alone a professional baker. I have not baked a pizza on my own in my entire life. So you can guess that why I resolved to eat my own baked cake and you can also guess the love of cakes in my life that I tried not once, twice but innumerable times. The first few baking incidents involved a burnt cake, a flat cake, an over done cake, a too much baking soda cake, an overmixed batter cake, etc. The love and craving for cake overpowered my baking fears and substituted them with gusto every time I resisted to bake a cake.

Someone told me earlier that baking a cake at home is super economical to your pocket. I believed that the bakers overcharge us but it is true that you cannot ascertain the depth of the water until you enter it on your own. I bought so many instruments, utensils, whisks, scales and God knows what! The shopkeeper almost sold everything he could to my ignorant self. Maintaining the other ingredients like checking expiry date and discarding after ‘Best before date’ was time taking and such wastage of effort and money. Oh and please don’t mention the clean up sessions after I was done with the cake. As I was a complete novice in baking I made up a total mess while sifting ingredients, weighing ingredients, mixing the cake batter, transferring to baking tray; practically everything.

I could not give up on my love of eating cakes and so I had almost given up my resolution when I saw a post on Instagram by with #cakesofinstagram. CAKEOPEDIA is a brand manufacturing whole wheat based cake premixes. Cakeopedia proved to be a saviour for me. No procuring ingredients, sifting ingredients or mixing them. We just have to add milk and oil and that’s it. The premixes do not have any preservatives which are generally a point of not preferring cake premixes. The cake was baked evenly and it remained moist for a longer time than my cakes made from scratch. Finally, my pocket was happy on hearing the word CAKE as Cakeopedia cake premixes have an attribute of being pocket friendly on top of above mentioned features.

These healthy rich cake premixes are available in packets of 300 g which yields a cake of 500 g. But it is not necessary that you use the entire premix in one go. You can use the desired quantity in batches and store the remaining for future use.

You can easily obtain these cake premixes online as they are available on Amazon and you can also purchase from their website
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