Cake Made Healthy

Cake Made Healthy


A ready-to-bake slice of heaven.

The year 2020 was really a life changing year for all of us, especially in terms of our eating habits. We all got to know the importance of eating healthy and what a big impact it can have in

our day-to-day activities and lives. We are human beings and no matter how much one tries we

always have a knack for snacks, desserts and what not but cooking all of these is not possible at

home. Therefore, CakeoPedia came up with a sweet and yummy solution for you which is also light on the pocket.

Cake lovers, rejoice! CakeOPedia has your back there to ensure you will get an utterly delicious and healthy cake.

CakeoPedia is trying to help the people who want to eat cake but at the same time take care of their health. For all you cake fans out there, we have just what you need. CakeoPedia presents to you a bunch of options to choose from like Wheat Vanilla, Wheat Chocolate, Ragi Chocolate, Oats & Nuts, etc. CakeOPedia and our delicious range of cakes that will leave your mouth watering.

On top of this, they're all healthy! And for the extra health conscious people, all the flavours are also available in Sugar & Jaggery because we don’t want you to compromise when it comes to your health.

We know a lot of people don’t have time for baking because all of us will agree that baking can be a complicated and cumbersome process, therefore to make the process easier you just need to open the pack and bake it with some simple steps, so simple that even small kids can do that. The recipes are also written in a way that they're easy to understand and incorporate. We are sure that you will enjoy this healthier version of cakes. CakeOPedia aims to help people find their perfect cake without having to worry about calories or budget.


Good things come to those who bake. The best desserts in the world are not just found in bakeries. They can be found anywhere and everywhere, from the supermarket to your own kitchen. And with CakeOPedia, you can find all of them at your fingertips! We know there are some bakers out there who love to bake cakes for their loved ones on their special occasions be it birthday cake, anniversary cake or just to lighten up your and your loved one's mood. We got your back for that. We have the right mixes for you, you just bake according to your choices and decorate as you want to.

CakeoPedia cares for their customers, thus we make sure that they get the best & healthier cake along with the exotic taste. Cake is a delicacy that is loved by all. So, worry no more when it comes to cake. 

You can keep worries aside when it comes to cake and munch on these yummy, fluffy cakes.

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