How to cut white sugar from cakes this Christmas !!


The world health is going for a toss. As per a survey in 2021, 1 out of 10 people are suffering from diabetes. The solution to the problem is omitting white sugar consumption.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Consequently, a lot of people have innovated their sweets and come up with sweets made up of jaggery instead of sugar. We hear a lot about such sweets but it is seldom that we hear about jaggery cakes. We all want to adopt healthier food habits and go for healthier variants of food items then why not do the same with our cakes as well. We love cakes and we would love it if we could have them guilt-free. 

Will you believe if I just told you that I can help you bake a cake at home with just 3 minutes of preparation? You will think I am bluffing or I have gone insane. But no within 3 minutes your cake batter will be ready for baking in an oven or microwave or even a steamer or kadhai. Wait, the key points of the recipe do not end here. If you follow the instructions properly, you will have a cake with perfect sponginess and texture. Plus the cake will turn out to be healthier than any normal regular cake. Trust me, Cakeopedia Cake premixes are all about that.


You will not be in guilt after having these cakes. Cakeopedia cake premixes are made with the goodness of whole wheat flour, ragi (millet) and even oats. You can make a vegan cake out of the mixes. You will not feel guilty after having cakes made using Cakeopedia. Moreover, you won’t be able to make out that it is a healthy cake you are eating as there is no change in flavour.

Looking for healthy options for snacks in tiffin box for your kids? These cakes made using Cakeopedia’s wide range of cake mixes are the solution to your problem. Kids love cakes and it will surely excite them if they get it as a snack in their tiffin-boxes. Your child will be on cloud nine and will certainly brag about the same.

It’s Christmas time and baking is in the air. The season calls for a freshly baked cake from your oven. You can have it as a dessert or even as a tea time snack. These cake premixes should definitely be a part of your shopping list. It will be a best delicacy in winter. Become a baking queen with Cakeopedia freshly manufactured mixes.

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