Enjoy the bliss in the form of a cake everyday without worrying about calories!!

Enjoy the bliss in the form of a cake everyday without worrying about calories!! Yes, try cake from Cakeopedia.

We all have a foodie residing inside us. Whether it’s cooking or consuming, we all have a different kind of interest when it comes to food, and if it’s a dessert, we can’t resist ourselves to say a big YES. Sounds familiar, right?

We understand your need; that’s why CakeOPedia is here to satisfy your dessert cravings in every way possible.

The main aim of CakeOPedia is to make healthy cakes that won’t harm or affect your body in any way. They give their utmost effort to make healthy cakes for you like they use wheat flour and jaggery as the ingredients of the cakes, which is a small change but makes a lot of difference in the nutritional value. So keep your worries aside and order your favourite one because any time is cake time!.

If you want to bake a healthy cake at home by yourself, that’s great! CakeOPedia has your back there to ensure you will get an utterly delicious and healthy cake. Just follow the few steps –

  • Order your favourite cake mix
  • Cut the cake mix packet
  • Add one cup milk and ½ cup oil/butter/ghee into it
  • Mix it
  • Preheat oven/Gas tandoor/ Cooker
  • Grease the pan and pour the cake mix batter into it
  • Add some dry fruits/ nuts into it (according to your preference)
  • Bake it
  • Let it cool down completely
  • Decorate it as you like with some garnishing

Get your healthy and tasty cake ready with your minimum efforts, yet it gets a touch of your hand. Awesome, isn’t it?

All the super healthy, no-maida and flavoursome cake flavours are categorized according to your taste buds and your mood. They are –

  • Vanilla Jaggery Cake
  • Wheat Chocolate Jaggery Cake 
  • Oats and Nuts Jaggery Cake
  • Ragi Cakes –
    • Ragi Chocolate Cake
    • Ragi Chocolate Jaggery Cake
  • Tiramisu Cakes
    • Tiramisu Walnut Jaggery Cake
    • Tiramisu Walnut Cake

The most fantastic feature is that you can get all the wholesomeness of the healthy cereals and nuts with the flavour of chocolate/jaggery, making the whole cake so different and mouth-watering. You don’t have to control your cake cravings just because you are on a diet now. It is a dream come true for every foodie like us.

Now let’s discuss where you can get your little pouch of happiness (cake mixes) and Cakes. Here are the lists of ways you can get the delicious taste of heaven in the form of cake –

Local stores – Cakeopedia is located in Gujarat, and it is pretty well known in the local stores from where you can pick up your favourite cake mix and bake it on your own.

Social Media – Cakeopedia has a relatively good social presence on Facebook and Instagram. You can directly message them to get proper answers from the owners only if you have queries, or you can order there directly as well.

picture credit @thebakerbaby

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